That's What He Said

A blog in dialogue.

• if it is difficult to be a good, dutiful, smart, inspired son, then it must also be equally, if not more so, difficult to be a good, dutiful, smart, inspired father. today, I celebrate my dad—the man I love, respect, and admire; the man who never forgets to tell me: "You give 'em all hell, son, so they remember who it is precisely they're dealing with," or, "If you've pissed everyone off, then you're doing something right," or, "If you're not gonna use your fists as weapons, then you must use your words; be clear, to the point, and don't bother giving a sh*t what anybody else thinks. It'll drive you crazy," and, "I love you, son." I love you, too, dad. I love you, too. Happy #fathersday to all the dads—but especially mine. You're pretty damn great. •

• it'd be a mistake to see Bella's face for one of #contentment. no, that's the face of deep, dark resentment, mitigated only by the soothing warmth of dog xanax. #dogsofinsta #unhappycamper #whydadwhy •

Married life in House Temple-Richard: "Well, it's Sunday, we've been up three hours, is it nap time?" "Oh, thank the gods, yes."

I know. I know! I promise, this isn't another one of those blogs—no, we’re not travelling gays who post photos that make you feel guilty, like you should be travelling or super, ultra sexy, replete with six-pack abs and on a stupidly complex Paleo Diet. (Yeah, we’re sick of that shit, too.)

Instead, this blog is about two married, country-gay dudes. We grew up in the stix and we’re proud of the empathetic, compassionate people we’ve grown up to be. Well, mostly.

This blog originates from a place of the laughable—no pretension, no glib surreality. Just us. Plain. Simple. And queer AF.